Upcoming important events

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Upcoming important events

Post  Penny Mellor on Sun Apr 20, 2008 11:15 pm

21st April inquest into the death of child P "Karen and Mark Haynes" Listed for 5 days.

21st April 10.30 PM Newsnight Suzanne Holdsworth, may the public wake up and smell the coffee.

22nd April RCJ London Southall apeal against suspension and more importantly Suzanne Holdsworth appeal against conviction (Shaken Impact lucid interval) listed for three days.

22nd April decision by the DPP (Sir Ken McDonald Director of Public Prosecutions) in a case which I will inform the board about when the decision is handed down very very important.

My thoughts are with Lee (Suzanne's life partner) their children, Lesley and Jamie - Lee, the family involved with the DPP (You go girls, I am so priveleged to have you as friends love you loads!) "Karen and Mark Haynes" I have walked this walk with you for so many years, let your time be now so that there is closure. Love you both, you know that and that beautiful little girl you now have XX

As to Davey boy - who gives a shit? He faces the GMC again in the next two weeks .....

Angela congrats! Love U!! It's about time you had some happiness. lol!

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Important Events

Post  Angela Cannings on Mon Apr 21, 2008 4:07 pm

lol! to Suzannes family for appeal. We wait and pray that justice will be done.

lol! to Karen and Mark will be there in mind and a positive result.

Cheers Penny!! Hopefully a new chapter and all that!! lol!

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