A rant after reading Cherished x

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A rant after reading Cherished x

Post  amanda on Mon Sep 07, 2009 12:06 am

After reading your book Angela all I can say is my view on the already disappointing justice and social service so-called systems in this country I am now completely positive(excuse my language but to put it bluntly) it has gone tits-up. How can they commit you for something which you did not do!!! What happened to innocent untill proven guilty? Even reading your book it comes through the love you felt for your babies...how could they not see that. Why are they wasting time and money on commiting and convicting people that are innocent and not doiing more to stop the blatat abuse and neglect that is happening out there. I'm at a loss for words I just think it's so wrong. God Bless you and your angel babies x

Sorry..Rant over Mad X


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Re: A rant after reading Cherished x

Post  Faith Hope and Charity on Mon Oct 05, 2009 12:55 am

Dear Amanda,
Keep ranting as it's people like you who can make a difference!
Spread the awareness and give Angela's Book to other's. Unfortunately, innocent people are still being sent to prison, because the authorities are still ignoring the landmark rulings! The Lord Justice Judge ruling post Canning's and Clark was supposed to protect the innocent.
I'm am sure, almost positive, the tide will turn and these judgements WILL be noticed!
I can see you are deeply affected by Angela's story. It also left me speechless!
I completely understand how you feel.
God bless you.

Faith Hope and Charity

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