Help I am being accused by the police of killing my daughter

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Help I am being accused by the police of killing my daughter

Post  mark bruton young on Fri Mar 19, 2010 8:54 pm

Help I am being accused by the police of killing my daughter Harriet.

The police have been investigating this case for about 8 months now.

They have done 2 full post mortums by pediatric pathologists and forensic pathologists and as far a I now they have found no case of death what so ever or any evidence of harm at all to my daughter - yet the investigation continues.

At the time leading up to my daughters death I was suffering from clinincal depression and was being treated by my doctor and going to see various councillors and health visitors on a regular basis. I was I admit really struggling with fatherhood.

While being very depressed I mistakenly used the internet alot at work to search for answers to my depression and also I was very anxious over the health of my daughter harriet so much so that I was having panic attacks. I looked at lots of internet sites to do with SIDS etc as I was convinced by daughter might die - I also looked at many sites on depression in farthers and parenting. (All the doctors said that she was a very happy and healthy baby)

- all of which has been thrown back at me in several police interviews! They seem to think I was researching SIDS deaths and SIDS cases or researching how to harm my baby.

The police seem to have the view that if I am depressed then I must be quilty of murder!

Thankfully my wife and I are still together every day and I have all the support from my family and also my wifes family.

No one close to me or even friends believes I have harmed my daughter in any way - not even my family doctor or the pediatrian involved in the case - only the police still think this.

I have been in contact with my lawyer on a regular basis but he is not a specialist in SIDS cases - but he is powerless to stop my bail from being extended time and time again. (5 times in total so far)

The police have stopped investigating in Jan of this year and have still yet to charge me with anything - but the case is now with the CPS for a decision which they have taken another 3 months to decide and my bail date is up on the 26th March.

Do you know of any good lawyers I can call on as I am certain I may be on remand by the end of next week.

I have heard nothing from the police and live in fear or being arrested again everyday.

mark bruton young

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